Storage Tips

At Liberty Self Storage, we strive to provide stress free solutions to all of your storage needs. Follow these tips for the easiest experience in packing and storing.

  • Label the contents of your boxes clearly. Use numbers and room names for reference.

  • Make up an inventory of everything you've packed. Keep it in a safe, easy to remember place.

  • Don't overload boxes. Packed boxes should not weigh more than you can lift, and should hold their shape for easy stacking.

  • Don't skimp on boxes. Use strong, quality boxes to protect your valuables.

  • Use strong tape to strengthen the seams of the boxes.

  • When packing the unit, create ailes in between stacks of furniture and boxes for circulation and easy access.

  • Pack heavy items into boxes. This makes them easier to lift.

  • Wrap table and chair legs with bubble wrap before moving and storing.

  • Wardrobe boxes allow you to store your clothing on hangers. This helps maintain the shape and condition of your clothes.

  • Avoid stacking or leaning furniture against the outside walls for better ventilation.

  • ALWAYS stack boxes from heaviest to lightest. Stack to the ceiling to conserve space and always use a step ladder to reach the top.

  • Stack chairs seat to seat, with cloth or paper placed between them.

  • Protect your books. Pack them flat to preserve the spines. Never pack fragile items with books.

  • Leave appliance doors slightly ajar to prevent mildew.

  • Thoroughly clean any garden equipment you may be storing.

  • Drain garden hoses, then coil them end to end and tie them up. Store in clean bins.

  • Store mowers half full and placed on a board or plastic sheet in case of leakage.

  • Place important documents and items you will need to access most often at the front of your unit, where they will be easy to find and remember.

  • Cover your belongings to protect against dirt and dust.

  • Protect your washing machine when moving. Disconnect and thoroughly drain the machine's hose. Place each hose end in a separate plastic bag, sealing the bag tightly with a rubber band to prevent any leakage.
storage tips