Storage Insurance

Protecting you from the unforeseen

What is Covered?

Here’s a short list of some of the events covered under a MiniCo plan

MiniCo provides affordable insurance coverage for losses to property kept in a self-storage unit due to burglary, lightning, windstorm, hail, fire, smoke, earthquake, building collapse, explosion, vandalism, riot, rodent/vermin damage, and water damage (some exclusions apply).

How to Apply

There are three ways you can apply!

Call Toll-Free

Call 800-544-6464 to contact MiniCo and apply for your coverage

Physical Application

You can mail or fax your physical application to the MiniCo offices


Visit to apply for next-day coverage online

Why Choose Insurance?

At Liberty Storage, we go out of our way to protect your belongings. 

However, there are always potential events that we can’t prevent or account for, such as natural disasters and other instances that can lead to damage or loss of your property. 

Because we want you to be protected, we’ve partnered with MiniCo to offer storage insurance to our customers.

Submitting a Physical Application

All you need to know in order to mail or fax your application!

  • Unit number - The number of your storage unit at Liberty Storage.
  • Amount of Coverage Per Unit - Determine the cash value of your storage goods. This is your coverage limit.
  • Total Number of Months - The number of months you plan to store and insure your goods. (No deduction for partial months)
  • Total Premium - Multiple the total number of months by the monthly premium.
  • Grand Total - Add the total premium for all storage spaces you are insuring.
  • Monthly Premium - Based on the amount of coverage, locate the monthly premium via the button below